Job Aids

Can you respond quickly to customer needs, provide knowledge anytime, anywhere, and provide maximum value?

Job aids are very effective tools designed to meet today's performance challenges in an emerging global economy. They are targeted and robust.

Job aids save time and money.

The time it takes to develop a job aid is 3-5 times shorter than traditional instruction and implementation time is 3 times shorter. They also reduce formal training time and minimize the need for experience. Job aids are easier to change than formal training. 

Most importantly Job Aids focus attention on what the performers are expected to do and produce. A Job Aid is a tool to guide job performance in real time. This includes checklists, decision tables, flow charts (algorithms), worksheets and cookbooks.

Job aids solve retention problems and result in more accurate performance.

Job aids are more reliable than memory and quicker to develop than formal training. Job Aids develop clear and easy to follow instructions for employees to follow. Learn how to take complex information and make it simple for employees to follow. Learn how to duplicate the performance of your best employees. Learn how to design cost-effective Job Aids to use immediately upon returning to the organization after training. When the Job Aids are complete, people can read a step, then do the step. It is that simple. 

The Job Aids Workshop has been taught for more that 15 years with over 10,000 very satisfied graduates. Businesses are getting more performance from their workforce. Receive an immediate, measurable tool for supporting work place performance through conscious composition. Produce job aids that meet or exceed your expectations; job aids which are cost-effective, have short cycle times, and make a maximum business impact.

This workshop is delivered in-house at your facility.

Learn how to: 

  • Identify exactly when and where to use job aids to improve worker’s performance. 
  • Determine precisely which type of job aid will best produce the desired outcome in any situation. 
  • Practice developing job aids. 
  • Work through the entire cycle of producing job aids for real-life problems. 
  • Bring in actual work-in-progress-or solve a "problem assigned by the workshop leader. 
  • Receive personal consultation on developing job aids for their specific situation.
  • Produce effective, high quality job aids by the end of the workshop.  
  • Take home a detailed job aid they can use to produce other job aids for future projects. 
  • This Job Aids Workshop can be presented at your facility

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