The Accomplishment-Based Curriculum Development System (ABCD)

This award winning training and development ABCD System is an integrated, holistic model in support of human performance. The ABCD System provides a cohesive framework for the processes of human performance.

The system includes:

  • the performance equation; the basic progression of performance
  • the processes of front-end analysis; the three types of behavior characteristics
  • logic regarding information storage and retrieval; the general tactics of instruction
  • the relationship of learning problems and special instructional tactics
  • the process of instructional design
  • the progression of materials development
  • and the relationship between analysis and evaluation.

The ABCD system consists of four outstanding Workshops delivered in-house to help you make a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your workerforce! The ABCD System has been installed in the educational departments of numerous organizations in the U.S. and Canada. The System is widely regarded as state-of-the-art in instructional development.

Workshop 1: Optimizing Human Performance

Workshop 2: Job Aids

Workshop 3: Training Design

Workshop 4: Training Development



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