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The extraordinary experiences voiced by such pioneers as Paul ElliottJoe Harless; Harless Performance Guild, B.F. Skinner Tom GilbertDennis MankinDale BrethowerAlyce DickinsonDr. W. Edwards Deming, and  Bill Scherkenbach influenced my passion for improving human performance cost-effectively.  Their influence stoked my ambition to explore new ways of influencing performance and improving change management processes.  This enduring fascination set in motion a journey which has endured for many years after I first met Joe Harless.  My commitment to the field of human performance technology and its many pioneer heroes who captured my imagination has never varied. My love affair for this passionate and important field stands undiminished.

Improve Safety Performance Using Exemplary Human Performance System

The choices people make affect the safety of employees, customers and the public. If utility employees choose to be safe and competent, they will accomplish their work with zero injuries and safety incidents. Achieving exemplary safety performance takes more than a goal or a well-formulated strategy with good implementation processes. It comes down to whether utility executives and their teams choose to perform their respective safety leadership responsibilities to predetermined performance standards. The most critical responsibilities and skill set involved to ensure safety are accurate safety reporting data and identifying which responsibilities are most important for each role involved.

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Smart Grid Technology

As many power providers move forward with technologies that can make the smart grid real, the investment in people programs for those operating and maintaining that technology has lagged in many cases. As a result, there is a high probability of not attaining the intended return on investment (ROI), especially when utilities are not thinking carefully about the required investment in time, personnel and money to deliver the smart people required to support the smart grid.

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Exemplary Performance

This group applies the ABCD System, an integrated, holistic model in support of human performance. The ABCD System provides a cohesive framework for the processes of human performance. The system includes: the performance equation; the basic progression of performance; the processes of front-end analysis; the three types of behavior characteristics; logic regarding information storage and retrieval; the general tactics of instruction; the relationship of learning problems and special instructional tactics; the process of instructional design; the progression of materials development; and the relationship between analysis and evaluation.

Website: Exemplary Performance

Performance DNA Desktop Software Toolset

Performance DNA Desktop is a software toolset developed by performance practioners, for performance practioners.  The program allows human performance improvement professional to conduct analysis more effectively and efficiently.  It has the tools to help improve the entire process from data collection, analysis, and integration to reporting efficiency.  Performance DNA Desktop provides support from project set up, management and reporting through the analysis phases; Business Analysis, Performance Analysis, Key Performer Analysis, and Influence Analysis 

Website: Outcome Systems web siteopoens in a new window.

Platinum Performance Partners LLC

Platinum is a performance improvement consulting & training organization. Their training and consulting services are all performance-focused. Providing solutions such leadership development, performance-based competencies, succession planning changes, and state-of-the-art learning and development.

Website: Platinum Performance Partner LLC

Dr. Paul Elliott

Paul H. Elliott is the President of Exemplary Performance. Dr. Elliott's expertise is in the analysis of human performance, the design of interventions that optimize human performance in support of business goals, and strategies for transitioning from training to performance models. Dr. Elliott assists organizations in performance analysis, instructional design, product and process launch support, design of advanced training systems, and the design and implementation of integrated performance interventions.

You can contact Dr. Paul Elliott at:
telephone 410.266.8400

Dr. Joe Harless

Joe Harless, a member of the prestigious Human Resources Development Hall of Fame, designed and developed human performance workshops that have revolutionized business results. Often referred to as the "trainers trainer," Joe Harless has received the coveted Member for Life award from the National Society for Performance and Instruction (now the International Society for Performance Improvement). For more than 30 years Joe Harless headed the Harless Performance Guild, a network of organizations and consultants who use his concepts and procedures to help business, industry, and the military improve the performance of their employees. He is generally recognized as one of the founders of the relatively new field of Human Performance Technology.  Joe is the author of the acclaimed Accomplishment Based Development Systems (ABCD), that has been installed in the educational departments of numerous organizations in the U.S. and Canada.  The ABCD System is widely recognized as state-of-the-art in instructional development. Recently retired from active management of his company, Joe now devotes his time to reflection and research.  I have been a colleague and student of Joe Harless for more than twenty years.

Dr. B. F. Skinner

B.F Skinner was professor of psychology at Harvard University and is considered the dean of American behaviorists.  He was a highly influential American psychologist, author, inventor, advocate for social reform and poet. He was the Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University from 1958 until retirement in 1974. He invented the operant conditioning chamber, innovated his own philosophy of science called Radical Behaviorism, and founded his own school of experimental research psychology — the experimental analysis of behavior. In a recent survey, Skinner was listed as the most influential psychologist of the 20th century. He was an incredibly prolific author, publishing 21 books and 180 articles. 

Dr. Tom Gilbert

An early mentor, who showed many of us that teaching could be approached as a science; and who taught us to concentrate on outputs before considering processes; and who was a model for the idea that we make progress when we challenge current paradigms, despite the slings and arrows that are sure to follow. Dr. Gilbert is often referred to as the "Father of Performance Technology." He is in the Human Resource Development Hall of Fame and author the "Human Competence": Engineering Worthy Performance. Thomas F. Gilbert holds a Ph.D degree in psychology and served on the faculties of several universities , including Harvard and the University of Georgia.  In 1961 he orginated a system for designing instructional systems, called "mathetics." In 1967 he founded the Praxis Corporation, devoted to improving human performance in industry, government, and education.  Dr. Gilbert is a recognized leader in his field and was voted the first Honorary LIfe Member of the National Society for Performance and Instruction.

Dennis Mankin

Dennis has an extensive professional background, including 25 years in senior management and consultative positions working in business consulting, executive coaching, sales and Human Performance Technology (HPT). He is Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), project manager and facilitator and educator of HPT processes. He has demonstrated skills and expertise in assisting companies in meeting and exceeding aggressive and competitive organizational goals and improving overall business results through HPT processes.

Dr. Dale Brethower

Professor of Psychology, Western Michigan University and President of ISPI. Mr. Brethower has been a major influence, model, and inspiration for me in applying Performance Technology and Performance-Based Instruction.

Dr. Alyce M. Dickinson

I work with Dr. Alyce Dickinson; Ph.D.; Department of Psychology; Western Michigan University to provide opportunities for teams of graduate students to apply their classroom instruction with actual projects in the work environment. I continue to learn a great deal from Dr. Dickinson about human performance.  I am blessed to work with her on projects to help the next generation of Human Performance Improvement practitioners and consultants prepare for the future.

Alyce Dickinson's website

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Dr. W. Edwards Deming taught many of us about work process and much more about Systems Thinking and what motivates people at work. Dr. Deming was an internationally renowned consultant whose work led Japanese industry into new principles of management and revolutionized their quality and productivity. Dr. Deming developed 14 points for management that has been adopted by numerous business organizations throughout the world.

Bill Scherkenbach

Bill Scherkenbach is responsible for guiding the implementation of Dr. Deming’s philosophies, including statistical management methods, throughout General Motors and Ford Motor Company worldwide.






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