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Our current economic era is characterized by rapid and unprecedented change and we face opportunities unlike any we have encountered before. Economic success in the marketplace is no longer ensured.

The greatest strides in increasing economic competitiveness is coming from our most critical resource: people

Workforce performance is taking on new significance and Human Performance Improvement (HPI) is the key to global competitiveness. HPI is a systematic approach to analyzing, improving, and managing performance in the workplace. HPI finds cost-effective ways to help people perform their jobs better. Some synonyms of HPI are performance consulting, performance engineering, and performance quality improvement.

Although training and education are critical to achieving your business goals, this is just a portion of the solution. Your workforce needs an exemplary learning system, but it also requires a clear focus on what a trained workforce needs to produce at the end of training. To achieve exemplary performance, you need to implement and manage a HPI system. 

In today's competitive global marketplace, it is essential that organizations optimize the performance of every individual and team to achieve desired business results.

The performance of individuals and teams vary greatly across the organization - whether measured in quantity or quality, or the impact their results have on the bottom line. Today's leaders need to prepare for tomorrow by placing all employees in the right positions and giving them the right skills and tools to ensure they can perform at an optimum level.  

  • How can you cost-effectively improve the percent of exemplary performers in your organization?

The Solution: 
Raise the bar for your workforce performance expectations. Helping employees become exemplary performers is the most cost-effective way for you to get the greatest possible return on your training and performance improvement investments. 

Use exemplary performance to establish the level of performance your employees should be expected to reach and to assess the potential for improving performance. Exemplary performers represent an organization's ideal workforce, yet they typically make up approximately 10% of employees.

This gap provides the real opportunity for organizations to significantly improve workforce performance. 

Business Case

Use HPI to design the most effective and cost-efficient solution. How would you know that someone was performing HPI well? You would look at their accomplishments. Also you would look for a variety of outputs such as feedback systems, job aids, work process reengineering documents, and a low frequency of training interventions. In addition you will see your business goals accomplished such as reduced cost, increased revenue, improved safety and improved customer satisfaction.

Achieving and sustaining exemplary workforce performance is largely dependant on all employees knowing and doing what is expected from them, and how it is expected, in alignment with culture changes and changes in the business plan.

"We have learned to live in a world of mistakes and defective products as if they were necessary to life. It is time to adopt a new philosophy in America." 
W. Edwards Deming



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