HPI Components

"A work process with a logical structure will be ineffective if it is not managed"
Geary Rummler

When addressing the workplace environment, you need to ask youself what kind of implementation is needed:

  • Do you need support for new implementation of equipment, software systems, work processes, database conversion, business intelligence systems, etc?

  • Do you need post implementation for software system installations, databases conversion systems, business intelligence systems, etc.?

Learn how to coordinate, and implement interventions addressing either new implementation or post implementation change with organization and job design, process design, ergonomic design and more. Learn how to map and improve systems, work processes; inputs, outputs, and feedback systems  

Is there currently good job design?

  • Is the method so complex that no one can perform well? 
  • Are employees required to do more than one job at a time?

Common issues include but are not limited to: 

  • Do employees have the tools and equipment they need to perform their work?
  • Is there a lack of alignment between the work process and the various sections/departments of the organization?
  • Is there task interference? 
  • Do the physical conditions hamper employee performance? 

To overcome these obstacles to performance, you must focus on becoming "results oriented", increasing quality through buy-in and discover effective ways to measure employee performance initiatives.

Want help in acquiring these skills? See the workshops section.

"All are but parts of one Stupendous Whole"
Alexander Pope


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