Identify and Select Opportunities for Performance Improvement 

Workforce alignment, the concept of aligning the contributions of individual employees with corporate goals, is one of today's hottest business issues, on the mind of every business manager from the CEO to the HR director. Yet for all of the urgency associated with workforce alignment, many organizations are stymied in their attempts to achieve it. 

Perform an organization alignment analysis to improve workplace performance, defining performance as both what people do and the results they produce. Use an organization alignment process to identify, prioritize and select the most significant opportunities for organization performance improvement using the Exemplary Performance System. 

The HPI approach begins with performance analysis, which examines the organization's performance requirements for its mission, business goals and capabilities. It is the identification of current opportunities in process and workforce performance. Central to the process is the comparison of the desired state and the outputs of the workforce that are necessary to accomplish the organizations mission and business goals.

The analysis then identifies the current level of performance and the potential for improved performance or the gap between to two states. The analysis information identifies the current performance problem to be solved or the opportunities for improved performance.

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